“I am who I am, I was who I was.

Nothing from the past still exists, and nothing from the future is formed yet.”

– Federica Pelizzari

Federica’s work is driven by her passion for organic life.

About Topopatu

Federica Pelizzari is an Italian Ceramic artist. She graduated from the Art College in Gargnano Del Garda, Italy in 2006.

Established in 2021 in Black Rock on Boonwurrung Land, Australia, Topopatu is Federica’s artistic representation of the moment of silence. A space where the mind is connected to the body and the soul is connected to the Earth.

She visualises her art through meditation which spiritually immerses her into the four elements of Mother Earth: Water, Earth, Sun and  Nature. It is easy to imagine the elements in motion when looking at her sculptures.

In love with the Australian Landscape from which the inspiration comes, Topopatu uses natural materials such as Terracotta Clay and Raffia. Federica Pelizzari art is a reflection of her own individual style, which makes it so special and unique.


The creation process starts with a daily mediation practice.

In this state, emotions come to the surface and transform into creative energy, which then evolves into ideas, images, and colours.

Once I am in the studio, I let the clay freely express itself. My role is to respect the organic material and explore its movement.

I do this with curiosity and no control, and it is incredible how the Terracotta becomes alive as I work with it.

Creating is like a dance between me and the material, a long approach of learning, understanding, and knowing each other for a whole transformation.